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FDNY 9.11.01 Memorial Wall
The Environment

This bas-relief sculpture is a collage composition of the New York City Fire Department's response to the events of 9/11. The Firefighters Memorial depicts the equipment, apparatus and tactics used in battling this tragic event. It is not intended to be exact. It is, however, meant to be inclusive, representing each group, tool and type of vehicle present that day.



Dedication plaque.

The names of the fallen. 343 individual firefighters listed by rank alphabetically.

Time line.

Garnet Gem granite. Used to create the cornerstone of the Freedom tower, quarried in the Adirondack Mountains.

Sketch _ FDNY Monument
Dedication Marker

dedication marker
Joseph Petrovics produced the memorial marker, or hatchment, into a full size plaque. It was then hand-carved in relief, and pressed into a sand mold at Bedi-Makky before being cast in bronze.

Garnet Gem Granite

dedication stone
The memorial hatchment is placed within a field of Garnet Gem granite, quarried in northern New York State. Barton Industries harvested and finished the stone at their North Creek facility. The garnet blooms contained in the piece are the state gem. It is from this quarry that the cornerstone for the Freedom Tower was also produced.

Illumination Control

dimming control + aiming
Nighttime illumination allows visitors to experience the tribute during evening hours. To properly render both the bas-relief and the engraved names of the fallen, the distribution and volume of light must be tailored for the spatial throw down the vertical bronze surface, and across the time span of viewing hours.